Phoneboard Tool v1.4.3 Free Download

Phoneboard is a free alternative to apps like ZXW, Wuxinji etc.These paid apps cost up to a hundred bucks a year but phoneboard is completely free. Latest Version 2022

This tool is supportive of both Android and iOS-based,oppo,xiaomi samsung on support the Phoneboard.Apple devices which are compatible with the Phoneboard 7/8/8.1/10 both 32 bit and 64bit based system can run the phoneboard.

Phoneboaed V1.4.3, V1.6.1,  V1.6.2, V1.70, V1.9.0

. Fixed 'F' shortcut key prevented writing in the search box. Added First macOS beta release! Added First macOS beta release!


V1.4.3 phoneboard  Download

PhoneBoard-v1.6.1  Download

Phoneboard-v1.6.2    Download

Phoneboard-v1.7.0   Download

Phoneboard-v1.9.0Latest Version


. Download The Phoneboard v1.4.3 Unzip It To Get The Setup Folder.

. You Will See An Executable File Phoneboard v1.4.3 Exe. Setup Double Click To Open It.

. Then Follow The Instructions To Install On Your PC/Laptop.Open The Phoneboard Tool.

. On The Left Panel Click On Phone Or Tablet To Check For The Respective Device.

. You Will See A List Of Devices That Are Supported By The Tool.

. Click On The Devic Name And The Phoneboard Info Will Show Up.

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