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Samsung 300K Tool

Download Samsung 300K Tool, With this samsung 300k tool you can take samsung mobile to the downloading mode. If you phone volume up down button is bad,  then you can use the samsung 300K tool to move your mobile to downloading mode.

When you use this tool. you have to disable the antivirus of your laptop then you can use the samsung 300k tool.

How do you connect samsung phone to samsung 300k tool. 

You have to turn off the phone. After that you have to open samsung 300k tool in laptop. Now after connecting the phone to the laptop data cable you have to turn on the phone. As soon as your phone is on , at that time you will see a registration icon on your samsung 300k tool, you have to click on that icon and then your phone will go to downloading mode. Now you can flash the phone.

Download :- Samsung 300k Tool

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