Miracle Thunder/Digital Ver 3.36 VIVO | OPPO (12th June 2022)

 Miracle Thunder/Digital Ver 3.36 VIVO | OPPO (12th June 2022)


 VIVO Fastboot EDL Supported

 OPPO NEW EDL Supported

 SAMSUNG Add FRP Remove and Auto Enable ADB

          VIVO Qualcomm Add and Improved.

 Add Vivo Bootloader Unlock Fastboot [Qualcomm-->Extra]
 Add Vivo Demo Remove EDL [Qualcomm-->Extra]
 Add Vivo Demo Remove Fastboot [Qualcomm-->Extra]
 Improve Vivo Account UnLock EDL [Qualcomm-->Extra]
 Add Vivo Bootloader Relock Fastboot [Qualcomm-->Extra]
 Add Vivo reboot fastboot to EDL (VIVO) [Qualcomm-->Unlock]
 Add Vivo reboot fastboot to EDL (VIVO2) [Qualcomm-->Unlock]

         Oppo Qualcomm Added

Oppo A33 (2020) CPH2137
Oppo A32 (2020) PDVM00
Oppo A53 (2020) CPH2127
Oppo A74 (2021) CPH2219
Oppo F19 (2021) CPH2219 (F19)
Oppo F19s (2021) CPH2223
Oppo F17 (2020) CPH2095
Oppo A73 (2020) CPH2099
Oppo Reno6 Lite (2022) CPH2365
Realme 7i (2020) RMX2103

          MTK Add and Improve

 Improve kg Unlock 
 Add Format Meta Data (for Bootloader Unlock)
 Add Disable MI Account
 Add MI Account Reset
 Add Huawei ID Remove
 Update New DA
 Improve imei Repair (Flash Mode for old models)

         MTK meta mode Improve

 Add OPPO SIM Unlock Unlock/Read (Meta Mode) Beta
 Improve META Connect and Read Info
 Improve META IMEI Repair/Read
 Improve Meta Format Partition (Unlock/Read (Meta Mode)

         Samsung Improve

 Add FRP Remove and Auto Enable ADB
 Add Improve Reset FRP (ADB) and Add Reset Frp (ADB)2 [Samsung->misc]
 Support All Android for Samsung

        Android ADB Improve

 Update Adb.exe
 Add Reset Frp (ADB)2

        Qualcomm Add and Improve

 Add Realme Loaders for Auto Loader
 Add Lenovo lLoaders for Auto Loader
 Add Huawei ID Remove

Download:-Miracle Thunder/Digital Ver 3.36 VIVO | OPPO 

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