SamPro Update v1.0 Samsung | Qualcomm | MTK | SPD ( 2rd Feb 2023)

 SamPro Update v1.0 Samsung | Qualcomm | MTK | SPD ( 2rd Feb 2023) 

SamFir Tool Has Updated It, In This You Will Get To See A Lot Of Updates, The Interface Of This Tool Will Also Look Different. In This SamPro Tool You Will Get To See Many Updates In Samsung MTK Qualcomm SPD CPU You Can Do Unlocking And Flashing Of These CPU And There is Also A Lot Of Good Update.To Use This SamPro Tool You Have To Take Activation.


 MTK One Click Section BROM Mode

- Generic operation
- Read information
- Read GPT Table
- Read / Write / Erase Selected Partition
- Dump Full Flash .Bin File
- Write Full Flash .Bin File
- Backup All Partition
- Write All Partition

1.2 Bypass SLA Auth

-  bypass sla Auth 
1.3 Bootloader Unlock / Relock
1.4 RPMB Data
- Read /  Write / Erase beta
1.5 NV Data
- Read /  Write / Erase 

Userdata And Security

- Format userdata
- Full Format
- Safe format MISC
- Safe Format PARA
- Reset FRP Generic
- Reset FRP Samsung MTK
- Disable Lost Mode SAMSUNG
- Bypass Mi Account Temporary
-Anti Relock Mi Account ADB

 Flash Preloader / Brom

 Supported Flash MTK Scatter File
 Read Firmware Scatter File For Supported Model or Select Scatter File
 Read information For Supported Model or By Select Scatter File 
 Format userdata For Supported Model or By Select Scatter File 
 Reset FRP For Supported Model or By Select Scatter File 


1.1 Sideload Mode

 Read information
 Format userdata
 Reset FRP 
 Bypass Mi Account
 Unlock Bootloader
 Reboot To Normal / Recovery / Fastboot

1.1 Fastboot Mode

- Read information
- Reboot To Normal / Recovery / Fastboot
- Supported Fastboot Flash Need Bootloader Unlock First
2- EDL 
- Supported Flash XML File For QUALCOMM Devices Emmc Only
- Read GPT Table Emmc Only
- Backup / Flash / Erase Selected Partition Emmc Only
- Format Userdata 
- Safe Format
- Reset FRP Generic QUALCOMM
- Reset FRP Samsung QUALCOMM
- Bypass MI Account Emmc Only

 SpreadTrum Section

 Format & Reset FRP In Flash Mode Only Supported Model
 Read information ADB
 Reset FRP ADB
 Reset FRP Fastboot


1.1 MTP Mode

 Read information
 Check Simlock Status
 Factory Reset
 Reboot To Normal Mode
 Reboot To Download Mode
 Reboot To Binarary Mode
 Bypass Launch Browser

1.2 Download Mode

 Read information
 Exit Download Mode
 Fix Softbrick

1.3 ADB Mode

 Read information
 Factory Reset Settings
 Enable Arabic Language
 Reset FRP
 Bypass Knox
 Bypass KG MTK
 Enable / Disable System UI
 Enable / Disable Samsung Updates
 Reset Screen Lock old android versionRoot/ ADB
 Reboot To Normal / Recovery / Download

1.4 Reset FRP

 MTP Enable ADB and Reset FRP /  Bypass Knox /  Bypass KG
 Reset FRP For Android 5 and 6 supported only Exynos and QUALCOMM

2- Flash Supported SAMSUNG Flash full / Custom partition

Download:- SamPro Update v1.0 (2rd Feb 2023) Password:-12345678

Download:- Driver

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