UMTv2/UMTPro UltiamteMTK2 v0.3 Release Update 23-02-2023 Shritelecom

UMTv2/UMTPro UltiamteMTK2 v0.3 Release Update 23-02-2023 Shritelecom.

Updated Oppo/Realme IMEI Repair

 Now it may work on erase security devices also

 In case of bootloop, try to flash same or lower version firmware

 Now user has option to choose if backup is needed or not

 Skip backup only if you already have full backup

Added Xiaomi Cert Patch for Redmi 10A

 If repair does not work, use Patch and then repair again

 Should work fine even on fully erased security

 You must first Unlock Bootloader for this function

Updated Mi Account Reset

 Improved Mi Account Reset Function

 Now you will asked for Safe Format with Account Reset

Updated Scatter Flashing

 Now multi super files flash correctly with extracted ofp firmware

Updated Crash Preloader Function

 Now it should work better than before
 Please note that it will not work on new security devices
 You must use TestPoint to new security devices

Added Format NVRAM+NVDATA option

Usefull if device has unknown baseband

Added Safe Format+FRP option

Fixed Some Connection Issues

Fixed Preloader Error in flashing if firmware folder had not preloader in it

Fixed Copy Selected in Log Context Menu

mportant Notes:

 You can flash device with both BROM and Preloader mode
 If default DA does not work, use own DA in custom DA
 Force BROM may not work on new security, use Test Point instead
 When using Test Point, you must select Preloader in PL (not needed when flashing)
 If you need to connect device in Preloader mode,
you must select PRELOADER in connection settings, otherwise software will try to
Crash Preloader (may not work on new security devices)

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