UnlockTool-2024.06.07.0 Released Update (OPPO A3s, A7, A12e And More......

 UnlockTool-2024.06.07.0 Released Update (OPPO A3s, A7, A12e And More...... 


- A3s (CPH1805)
- A7 (CPH1901)
- A7 (CPH1903)
- A7 (CPH1905)
- AX5 (CPH1851)
- A12e (CPH1853)
- R15 Neo (CPH1851)


- Realme 2 (RMX1805)

- Realme C1 (A1603)


- Factory Reset | FRP | Flash | Readback Dump
- Samsung Galaxy A02s SM-A025G | SM-A025G/DS (BIT7)
- Samsung Galaxy A05s SM-A057M | SM-A057M/DS (BIT3)
- Samsung Galaxy A52 SM-A525M | SM-A525M/DS (BIT6)
- Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite SM-G770F | SM-G770F/DS | SM-G770F/DSM (BIT9)
- Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781U (BIT-F)
- Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781V (BIT-D)
- Samsung Galaxy M23 SM-M236B | SM-M236B/DS (BIT6)
- Samsung Galaxy M42 5G SM-M426B | SM-M426B/DS (BIT7)
- Samsung Galaxy M51 M-M515F | SM-M515F/DSN (BIT5)
- Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G SM-S908N (BIT3)
- Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G SM-S908U (BIT5)
- Samsung Galaxy S23 SM-S911B | SM-S911B/DS (BIT5)
- Samsung Galaxy S23+ SM-S916B | SM-S916B/DS (BIT5)
- Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra SM-S918B | SM-S918B/DS (BIT5)
- Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra SM-S928B | SM-S928B/DS (BIT2)
- Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra SM-S9180 (BIT3)

Samsung FRP Bypass APK

Download:- UnlockTool-2024.06.07.0 

Download:- NET 8.0 Desktop Runtime (v8.0.4) - Windows x64 Installer!

Download:- MTK USB Driver

Download:- Driver+UsbDk+32bit

Download:- Driver+UsbDk+64bit

Download:- Samsung_Qualcomm_Mediatek_SPD,_ADB_USB_Driver

Download:- All Mobile USB Driver

Download:- All Latest Samsung Driver

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