LYF Wind 6 LS 5009 Flash File

LYF Wind 6 LS 5009 Stock ROM Firmware (Flash File).

Download QFIL tool & Qualcomm driver

 LYF Wind 6 LS 5009 V213 160111

1- Download LYF Wind 6 LS 5009 Flash file.

2- Download QFIL tool

3- Download Qualcomm driver & Install PC.

4- Run QPST tool.

5- Add new port (Check device manager Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9008” )

6- Click Load XML and browse for rawprogram_unsparse.xml in Stock ROM file.

7- Click Load Patch and browse for patch0.xml in Stock ROM file folder.

8- Select the firmware by clicking in Browser of Search Path.

9- Select Download and wait for the flashing to be finish.

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