Easy-JTAG Plus Update V2.0.2.0. New Update 2024

 Easy-JTAG Plus Update V2.0.2.0. New Update 2024

Easy-JTAG Plus Update  V2.0.2.0

New Functions Added:

- Hex Viewer/Editor,
- Huawei APP Unpacker,
- Detect protocol Sahara v3 (qc9008),
- Skip Write/Erase/Read errors,
- Setting BlockSize for Write/Erase/Read,
- A lot of firehoses.

Fixes And improvements:

- "UFS Settings" page improved,
- "eMMC Settings" page improved,
- function RemoveFRP improved,
- Parser "Super partition" improved,
- Minor interface changes,
- Bugs that have been found through your crash report.

Download:-Easy-JTAG Plus Update  V2.0.2.0

Download:- All Android USB Driver Install

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