Mobile Hardware Fault And Solution

Sarkit Ke Maadhyam Se Kisee Bhee Mobile Phone ko Repair Karane Ke Liye. Hame Pata Hone Chahiye.

Mobile Phone Ke Andar Alag-Alag Mein Maujood Alag-Alag Parts Aur Components ko Jante Hain To Ham Components Ko Chek Karke Pholt Ko Aasaanee se Repair Kar Sakate Hain.

Charging Fault:- Charging Connector,Charging IC,Fuse Coil, Power IC,Charging Regulator,Charging Volt Output Components Ect.

Mic Fault- Mic Interface Connection,CPu,Power Ic, Mic Supply Components Etc.

Keypad Fault :- Key Tip, Key Pad Dot Sheet, Key Board to key Connector,Key Signal Varactors, Key Signal Filters, key Connector, CUP Etc.

Display Fault :-Display Connector, Display Supply Components, Display Interface Filter IC, Resistance, CPU Etc.

Display Backlight Fault :- Backlight Section Components Resistance, Display Backlight IC, Power IC Etc.

Sim Fault :- Sim Socket, Sim Signal Supply Components,Power IC,CPU, Coil Resistance Etc.

Micro Sd Card Fault:- Micro Sd Card Socket, Micro Sd Card Resistance Components, CPU Etc.

Power On Fault :- Power Ic, CPU, Flash IC, RF Ceystal,RF IC,Battery Connector Jack,Power On-off Trigger Components. 

Touch Panel Fault :- Touch Panel Contorl IC, Signal Interface Resistance Parts, CPU Etc.

Vibrator Fault :- Vibrator Supply Components,Vibrator Driver IC, Power IC, Vibrator Etc.

Bluetooth Fault:- Bluetooth Ic, Bluetooth Antenna, Bluetooth Section Crystal CPU Etc.

Ear Speaker Fault:-Ear Speaker Signal Components,Audio Amplifier IC, Power IC, CUP Etc.

Network Fault:- Antenna Switch, PFO,FEM, RF IC, VCO, RX-Filter, TX-filter, RF Antenna, RF Crystal, External Antenna Socket,Network Signal And Supply Control And Interface Section. If We Know About The Parts And Components Present In The Network Section And Their Function Then We Can Easily Repair The Fault By Looking At The Code Number OfThe Faulty Component In The Circuit Diagram And The PCB Layout Diagram.In This Way We Can Easily Make Good Use Of Circuit Diagram For mobile Phone Repairing.

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